The Peloton Against Plastic

30 May 2019 The Peloton Against Plastic

On June 16, 2018, Jamie Lepre, myself and a bunch of others cycled as plastic-free as we possibly could from Hanoi to Bangkok, capturing interviews with people motivated to stop the proliferation single-use plastics across the orient. Passionate people were invited to join the charge and ride for a week... a day... an hour...  and work together to learn about single-use plastic and how we can solve the issue together. The ride was dubbed the inaugural “Peloton Against Plastic”.

Along the way we filmed the beautiful scenery and the highlights of Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. The team met with organisations and volunteer groups, as well as individuals and small businesses resolute about reducing the negative impacts of single-use plastic in South-East Asia.

With the locals along side us, the Peloton Against Plastic led plastic cleanups, met and spoke with those creatively addressing the issue, those caught in the collateral  and those who were looking to share with the world how we might lessen its impacts as a society and as individuals.  

We had the support of numerous celebrities, organisations and passionate advocates for change such as Ash Grunwald who lent us his bluesy tunes and Costa Georgiadis who checked in with us live to Australia.

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The ride was supported from start - finish by Intrepid Travel, with bicycles and accommodation. And by plastic pollution advocates, keen for solutions, including; The plastic Pollution Coalition, Two Hands Project, Onya Life, Surfrider Foundation, Plastic Free July, Earth Bottles, Dumbo Feather, Keepcup, Honua and Take 3.  

The top 5 biggest plastic polluting nations on the planet are in South East Asia. With this in mind we wanted to create an insightful and visually stunning documentary which mostly celebrates this unique part of the globe and promotes the inspiring efforts of everyday locals who have taken on the challenge to push back against a burgeoning plastic tide.

The film aims to stigmatise single-use plastic and highlight the economic and social benefits that flow from an environment that is free of this type of pollution.

We are hopeful that as a result of this many of the groups whom we met on our travels will get the recognition and funding they deserve, that travelers will be inspired to go on their own plastic-free holidays and most of all, that people will leave the film feeling inspired to make a small change, join a group or build an enterprise that adds to the collective efforts of people looking for a plastic free planet.

The film is available for viewing in 7 countries including all over Australia starting with the July 31 premier. Go along to and pre book your tickets or invest in and help get this film and others like it onto movie screens. We still have a lot of work to do to reach this deadline.

We want everyone to see this film and feel inspired to make a little change, lets do it.

Cover image: Renae Saxby

Paul Hellier - Founder 

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